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Customer Reviews & Stories

I've trusted Jeff and crew with a couple of vehicles now and they are honest and fair. Highly recommended.

Jim B., Google Review

My car had a slow battery drain my regular and my local mechanic couldn't find it. He usually can do anything. He suggested Mr. Wire in Quincy. I found Williams Automotive owns the business now. If they couldn't find it I'd have to scrap the car. Talked with Jessica to set up the appointment (who was very nice). Drop the car off with Jeff (the owner, great guy too). He was able to fix the issue and the car is running better than ever! Real nice people and a very fair price as well. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

Steven O., Google Review

Fair prices, great work, awesome people! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Kristin T., Google Review

I have Used Their services for the past 12 years, they are as good as it gets. They are not inexpensive, but they are HONEST to a fault. Rest asured you will be well treated. and repair turn over is good.

Manuel A., Google Review

I was told about this place from a coworker who raved at his honesty and technical knowledge. Also our vehicle maintainece guy also said he was good. I dropped my truck off to have a boched job that another place did, he had me straightened out in short order and the bill was reasonable. Definitley use them again!

Jack O, Google Review